Make a Korean dish

Our homework this week for K-Pop Academy was to cook a Korean dish. Thanks to Maangchi who always teaches korean cooking in English and in such a fun way, I found a dish which I could make using ingredients bought from a non-asian supermarket. 

The dish I made was Soegugi Muguk (Beef and Radish soup). Its quite a light tasting soup because it doesn’t use beef stock. Here’s the link to watch the tutorial 

Ashia came over and we had fun making both the soup and green tea cupcakes. I know it doesn’t look green but there’s green tea in there! I suppose its a fusion take on the regular cupcake by adding green tea to the frosting. You could also add green tea to the cake mixture. Though I would highly recommend using green tea powder instead of green tea itself. The prep time for both the soup and the cupcakes were surprisingly short as well. Everybody should really get cooking. 

Here are some photos for you to enjoy!



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